Our values, our philosophy

We design optimal solutions for employee selection and development bringing maximum benefit to our clients.

As specialists in training, coaching and personnel development, we foster objective oriented communication between stakeholders at all relevant operational levels within the company. We specifically support our clients in the selection, promotion and development of employees, using a tried and tested system, tailored to your needs. For the last twenty years we have prided our selves on providing optimal solutions. Professional, reliable and right on time.

Our expert team consists of experienced business people (all with degree qualifications, mostly Masters or Doctorate) with whom we, on the basis of many years of partnership and cooperation, provide excellent quality at exactly the right time.

In order to develop optimal solutions, the team member with the most appropriate talents and resources for a specific project takes on team leadership. We share this philosophy with our partners. It is what we call the dolphin strategy. The strategy of these intelligent marine creatures combines experience, skill and creativity with teamwork and leadership in an ideal way. The connection between goal orientation and social skills lays the foundation for maximized client benefits.

Managing Director
Dr. Christoph Sollmann, Psychologist,
Diploma and Ph.D. specialised in
Diagnostics, Industrial Psychology, Assessment Center
Certified and Approved in Behavioral Therapy and Hypnotherapy
European certification in Occupational Psychology and Clinical Psychology (EFAP)
Study and training in Germany, Great Britain (Cambridge) and the USA.
Lecturer for Diagnostics, Personality Psychology & Mental Health