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Psychische Gesundheit in Unternehmen

According to a report by DAK Gesundheit (a German health insurance research unit), the number of days of absence from work and cases of disease related to mental impairments have tripled over the past 20 years. Whereas in 1997 there were around 76 sick days due to mental health problems (often related to mental stress) for every 100 insured persons, in 2018 this figure had already risen to more than 230 days.

Verhältnis der Krankentage auf 100 Versicherte 1997 vs. 2018
Current Progress
Current Progress
 Ratio of days spent sick per 100 insured persons 1997 vs. 2018

Another alarming finding of this report: the increase in number of days spent sick due to mental health problems has been by far the most striking development in the incidence of incapacity to work for years. While the number of sick days for all illness groups increased by only 31 percent in the year to 2018, the number of sick days due to mental impairments increased by a full 208 percent.

Common reason for mental illness: Stress at work

According to a study by Techniker Krankenkasse (Health insurance company in Germany), 70% of employees say, "I am feeling stressed." 40% said they often feel run down and used up. 33% of employees said: "I feel exhausted or burnt out". 33% said they had suffered from mental health problems such as burnout, anxiety disorders or depression in the last three years.

Source: 2013 stress study by Techniker Krankenkasse.



For employees: Risk of becoming permanently ill (inability to work).


For companies: Employee absenteeism and loss of skilled workers.


For the national economy: High costs of illness and early retirement.

How we can help:

As trainer and consultant in business and organizational psychology, I know the internal issues and demands on employees at all levels. As a psychotherapist, I also recognize the conditions for mental health and prevention and know about the health risks that arise from stress and other risk factors. 

Precisely because stress is a frequent cause of mental problems in everyday working life, it is important to immediately tackle the problem here. Only if negative stress is reduced right from the start, you can protect your employees and your company from the effects (loss of skilled workers, high rates of absence due to illness, etc.).

In order to achieve this, we are at your side and support you and your employees psychologically in order to reduce negative stress in the long term and to improve mental health. We would be happy to inform you about our services in a free preliminary consultation without obligation.

Dr. Christoph Sollmann

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  • Implementation & success: impulse lectures - comprehensible measurement - recommendations for action - and GO into coping-action!
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Case Study:

  • Female employees of a pension fund learn to master difficult conversations 
  • They conduct an analysis of psychological stress and discuss particularly difficult situations during telephone calls
  • They learned relaxation methods in critical situations
  • They learned to identify stress reactions and how to cope with them by means of Biofeedback- & Heart-Rate-Variability-Measurement, the stress status is measured before and after particularly stressful conversations.

Case study Results: Through mutual support and joint learning in small groups, the employees felt better prepared and showed significantly fewer stress symptoms in measurements during training and in the follow-up survey.

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I was at the end of my rope professionally. I thought. Now I am back on top. Best of Hypno-Coaching. I can't say it any other way. His methods are state of the art. He teaches his coaching methods internationally. Always pleasant and friendly. Not arrogant. Asks questions and listens. When I talk to him, I feel like there is nothing more important than me! He asks things that no one else dared to ask. He gives feedback that can be painful. Because of him, I'm back on top now. I'm glad my former boss didn't have him as a coach or therapist!!! JW